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Conscious Mind Solutions

Conscious Mind Solutions is India’s First and Most Trusted Scientifically and Data-Backed Sport Psychology Consultancy Service provider company. Founded by Sports Psychologist Dr. Reetesh Riku (Ph.D. in Sports Psychology, Switzerland) and supported by Schuhfried, Austria with enriched experience of 77 years. Their work is based on data-driven scientific evidence to bring in a world-class approach for performance enhancement and developing a winning mindset.

They use well-established and psychometrically valid tools for talent spotting, preparation of training plans and talent Promotion. They are High-Performance Sport Psychology experts to elite international athletes and elite coaches in preparation for Olympics, World Championships, Premier Leagues etc.


1. Peak Performance Mental Skills Training
2. Mental Health Awareness and Performance Profiling
3. Critical Movement Analysis and High-Performance Solutions during high priority competitions
4. Mentoring & Supervision of Sports Psychologists
5. Exact measurement of sport-related parameters
6. Checking progression and preparing comprehensive profile of the athlete based on large number of ability and personality tests.
7. Measuring sport-related parameters such as reaction time, choice decision-making, reactive stress tolerance, co-ordination and peripheral perception as a result of millisecond-precise measurement and the range of peripheral devices that can be controlled by the Vienna Test System.

Conscious Mind Solutions has provided consultancy to many academy athletes and coaches under various sports disciplines like Shooting, Archery, Athletics, Cricket, Equestrian, Football and Hockey.

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