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Prakriti Sharma

She is a trained and experienced Sports Psychologist working with Concious Mind Solutions for performance enhancement of athletes. She has worked closely with athletes at various levels, ranging from grassroots to national and international levels across different sports disciplines such as Tennis, Table Tennis, Football, Athletics, Judo, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Shooting, Wrestling, Boxing and Badminton. She has also represented India in Judo at World School Games Championship, Turkey and is a National Gold Medallist in Judo & Kurash. 

1. Using specialized equipment and assessment tools to evaluate athletes mental and cognitive state.
2. Employing technology (VIENNA TEST SYSTEM) to aid athletes in optimizing their performance.
3. Enhancing athletes’ mental resilience and cognitive abilities through use of CogniPlus and Biofeedback resources.
4. Expert in sports Intervention techniques towards athlete development, acknowledging the importance of visual perception in sports performance.
5. Critical Movement Analysis and High-Performance Solutions during high priority competitions.
6. Helping athletes reach their full potential in their sport.

Her notable professional experience was at the Sports Authority of India NSNIS Patiala, Physio Karma Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Tyagraj Stadium and Samiksha Sports. 

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