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A Journey of Passion and Guidance at Lakshya Shooting Club

I was a shy little kid, picking up a rifle in Lakshya Shooting Club. A dusty, brown open sight, I never knew when I held it for the first time, that LSC would be a home away from home. Shooting has been a journey of quiet smiles and tears but above all that, of beautiful passion. And through these thick and thins I had my guiding light, Suma Ma’am. I grew up on the range. I was asked to seek process and to feel ample in improvement. I was told that sport goes beyond medals, and that it shapes lives. Showing up to a match, your heart pounds in your throat. This is where I was taught courage and grit, to look into the eye of the storm. This is how Suma Ma’am and this club moulded me. I am beyond grateful for the person I have grown into. I am a product of their relentless efforts. They have shown me immeasurable support throughout my sporting career. They are purely what an athlete needs. Because not only do they carve out winners, but they make beings who make a difference.

By Bhargavi Devendranath Kasar
International Shooter

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